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Soft & Smooth ~ Face & Skin Moisturizer 4oz Dig It Lip Balm w/Jojoba Oil
Soft & Smooth ~ Face & Skin Moisturizer 4oz Simply Natural Lip Balm ~ Unscented

Fresh Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Coconut Oil are just some of the ingredients contained in each jar of this amazing moisturizer.

Chapped lips? Spending the day in the sun? Take a tube of this natural lip balm along with you! It will help keep your lips protected and smooth thru out the day and into the night.



Strawberry Dig It Lip Balm Dig It Hair Oil 4oz
Scented Lip BalmI Love My Hair! ~ Hair & Skin Oil 4oz

Bubble Gum, Pumpkin Bread, and Strawberry are just some of the yummy scents you'll find in these lip balms!

Dry, damaged, split ends, itchy matter what the issue, this oil can help fix it.




All of my products are handmade from scratch with love. I use only natural ingredients. Because they are handmade, slight variations in weight, texture, and/or scent may occur.