The Dig It Line Up:


My name is Michelle, and I am the founder, owner and creator of Can U Dig It and Dig It hair and skin care products.  I started my business in 2012,  but I have been making my own hair and skin care products for many years.


Aromatherapy Lip Balms and Scented Candles

Dig It Body Butter 

Luxurious Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E are just some of the natural ingredients you'll find in my body butter.

Dig It Lip Balms

I use only the most luxurious natural ingredients to make my lip balms. Any one of these balms will keep your lips soft, smooth, and protected from the elements.

Dig It Hair Oil

My Dig It Hair Oil can also be used on your skin or even in your bath water. 

Coming Soon! 



Skin and Hair

Care Products

Juicy Mango is here for Spring!!

Get yours today!

Only $3 plus shipping for any of my lip balms.

ATTN: St. Petersburg, FL 

If you would like to purchase our products and live locally within St. Petersburg, FL, please send me a message as you may be close enough to us to pay and pick up your product(s) in person. We can be reached at

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